Which situation will result in an empty load?
a. Remove the intake pipe from the screw air compressor and remove the suction and exhaust valves. b. Open the total inlet valve, adjust the flow of each cooling branch pipe, and observe whether the water flow of each waterway is unblocked through the water finder, and check whether the indicating instruments are normal. c. Start the auxiliary oil pump of the thin oil station and adjust the pressure to meet the specified requirements. d. Turn the number of the air compressor to confirm that there are no abnormal humming and looseness in the running parts. e. Start the motor instantaneously and check if the crankshaft steering of the air compressor is correct. Check the condition of each part of the air compressor after shutdown. If there is no abnormality, a second start can be performed. f. After running for 5 minutes after the second start, check whether the components are overheated or abnormal. If the problem is found, the cause should be identified and eliminated in time. g. After the third start, the empty load operation time of the air compressor is usually 4 hours. What should I do when the screw air compressor is under empty load test run?

a. There should be no abnormal sound and vibration during operation. b. The lubricating oil system works normally. The lubricating oil supply pressure and tin level meet the specified values ​​in the product specification. c. The cooling water system works normally. The water supply pressure and temperature should meet the specified values ​​in the instruction manual. d. The temperature of the piston rod at the packing flange shall not exceed 1-O °C. The temperature of the main bearing shell and connecting rod shall not exceed fi5 °C. e. The motor temperature and current should not exceed the values ​​specified on the motor nameplate. f. Electrical and instrumentation equipment is working properly.

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