Different products in different industries have different requirements on the gas produced by air compressors. For example, the quality requirements for gas in the food and pharmaceutical industries are relatively high, and the quality requirements for gas in the pneumatic and spray industries are also general. In this case, we have to purify the gas produced by the air compressor. Let us first explain why the air discharged from the air compressor cannot be directly used by pneumatic devices. The air compressor draws air containing moisture and dust from the atmosphere, and the temperature of the air after being compressed is increased to 100 ° C or more, and at this time, the lubricating oil in the air compressor is partially turned into a gaseous state. Thus, the compressed air discharged from the air compressor is a high temperature gas containing oil, moisture and dust. If this compressed air is directly sent to the pneumatic system, the reliability and service life of the pneumatic system are greatly reduced due to poor air quality, and the losses caused by the air source treatment device often exceed the cost and maintenance cost of the air source treatment device. Air source treatment systems are absolutely necessary. The hazards of compressed air impurities are well known. The air sucked by the air compressor is unclean. The water and oil will condense into droplets, which will mix with dust particles to form acidic sludge. The quality of the air pipe network, gas equipment and final product. Damage is caused, the number of air compressor shutdowns is increased, downtime is prolonged, production efficiency is reduced, and product quality is degraded due to compressed air quality, which has a potential impact on the product's reputation in the market and environmental protection. Air compressor post-processing (Dryer, Precision filter) eliminates possible contamination during production, multiple high quality filters It provides a more sophisticated filtration effect with minimal pressure drop, significantly reducing the energy consumption of the compressed air system and avoiding downtime. The saturated water in the compressed air will condense into water under certain conditions and accumulate in some parts of the system. These moistures rust the components and pipes, causing the moving parts to become stuck or worn, causing the pneumatic components to malfunction and leak; in cold regions, moisture icing can cause the pipes to freeze or freeze. Magazines such as compressed air can wear the relative moving surfaces in cylinders, pneumatic motors and pneumatic directional valves, reducing system life.
Therefore, depending on the industry, choose the air compressor purification system device that suits your company. At the same time, our company (DSNEair) produces a complete system for purifying air compressors, which makes it easier for you to choose. You don't need to buy air compressors from here, then buy and post-process, which saves you time and energy, and also for you. Reduce the cost of shipping.
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