1. The well-funded enterprise users focus on the comprehensive cost performance. They often use the functional price analysis method of technical economics in internal decision-making. This method has product function, brand, reliability, energy efficiency, environmental impact and price. The projects are weighted by the experts to determine the weight of the individual, the scores of different products to be purchased are calculated by single score and comprehensive score. Some large companies take larger brand weights. In the comprehensive scoring, high-end products often get high scores; 2. Large-scale enterprises are the most suitable choice for improving safety, high-end screw air compressor products; 3. Increasingly strict environmental impact assessment, energy saving The indicators promote high-end products to enter large enterprises and high-risk, high-pollution industries; 4. High-investment process equipment with high-end air compressor products is taken for granted, and it is decided that the purchase of brand-name air compressor products will inevitably enhance the corporate image; 5, abroad to attract investors and decision-makers; 6, a variety of other reasons make large business owners feel that the purchase of high-end products is cost-effective, the risk is small.

Of course, these high-end screw air compressors have a long history and a solid technical foundation, which constitutes a tangible or intangible luxury appearance, coupled with rich performance data. This is the basis for the performance of high-end air compressors.

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