The mankind gets vacuum history the earliest, but backdate arrives BC 6 centuries. Smelting furnace, the blast of furnace of make pills of immortality is set is application negative pressure is inspiratory reach pressure boost exhaust. At the same time the Chinese also is the earliest apply medical the nation with fragmentary vacuum, concern the account at cure of ” of “ part way in the Western Han Dynasty, horny way namely the “ cupping ” that our common weighs, heat of abundant application air bilges cold shrink, vapour condensation forms vacuum to stop cure.

Brand of the Germany below blessing banner is ascended south case Lijile tries hard at vacuum category, often innovate, advance and led screw vavuum pump such new vacuum acquire a technology, let vacuum technique be close to ” of “ ideal vacuum step by step.

About requirement severe exacting medical vacuum is fragmentary, it is not easy to want to say to love you, lijile was accomplished not merely, it is fragmentary and worth while to become medical treatment trustful vacuum expert, let us together answer dish why does Lijileru employ vacuum screw technique acme!

“ group often breaks a rule, satisfy all our requirement in order to ensure, plan side is handled in vacuum, I can hesitate none the proposal that the ground gets them, support and professional technology. ”

Kevin Witt of manager of SHJ work for

SHJ Hospital Pipelines (SHJ) holds the position of the hospital that is whole England design, device and safeguard conduit to recommend medical gas is fragmentary.

The conduit of SHJ Hospital Pipelines (SHJ) recommends medical gas is fragmentary and current those who use is Genadengfu first Lijile (Elmo Rietschle) vavuum pump of the screw that do not have oil, not merely but efficient offer the vacuum that do not have oil, and can raise lifecycle capital clearly.

Genadengfu supplied vavuum pump of S-VSI 301 screw to SHJ, slip with other glossy model congener product photograph is compared, the demand of technique of vacuum of screw of movement doing type of innovation is safeguarded lesser.

The pump of screw technology is indoor without any oil, can prevent completely to be purified consequently. This makes its completely appropriate the Medical Protection environment that uses these processing program seats at SHJ demand.

  Client: SHJ Hospital Pipelines

Place: Chesham, buckinghamshire

Use: The conduit of the hospital recommends medical gas is fragmentary

Product: Lijile S-VSI screw vavuum pump

The pump quantity of S-VSI screw vavuum pump is 100 -600 M3/h, ultimate vacuum is 0.01 Mbar (abs. ) , because vavuum pump is used,do not have osculatory technology,

Can be in consequently whole apply reduce inside life period overall have capital. This can increase the illness number that can present not merely, and but the biggest limitation increases maintain capital.

Additional, because the rotate speed of screw technology is low, noise level is extremely consequently low. Ensure for assistance bring engineer and other job staff low musical sound, consequently Jing Yin operates a also be SHJ thinking main essential factor.

The vavuum pump of new-style S-VSI screw that Genadengfu consumes already was used in England a lot of hospitals that own vacuum facility, with assisting them medical gas is fragmentary more efficient movement. Include the Charing Cross Hospital of London, Hammersmith Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital among them.

Authentic and firm

Explanation of Kevin Witt of manager of SHJ work for says: The gas that uses inside “ hospital is very important. These are medical gas is fragmentary inside the vavuum pump that use is done not have normally mothball, device is consequently authentic the equipment with firm is crucial.

Large minority hospital is in normally these are fragmentary inside device glossy is slippery model vavuum pump of centrifugal type lamina. Contrary, we are what England is using screw type vavuum pump at present alone is medical one of aeriform companies. The good point that uses this kind of pump has a lot of, but the most important is this technology can progress dynamical efficiency. These gearshift vavuum pump by inverter drive, agree with NHS about increasing the commitment of carbolic discharge capacity, it is the efficient processing program with a kind of less specific power consumption.

Well-advised investment

It is important that zone of blessing north Europe enters south case introduce of client manager Rocco Fanella says: “SHJ course chooses vavuum pump of our type of the screw that do not have oil, what think they are purchased self-confidently is a kind of dovish, firm and energy-saving product.

A few years ago we the first time stopped to contact with SHJ, change a lot of congener blade pump for screw pump, these are more appropriate the demand at contented SHJ client.

Our newest screw pump uses means of the movement that do not have oil, maintain consequently distance cycle is long, this conduces to reduce capital and the efficient vacuum that offers concern making a person. The equipment of SHJ can be offerred for countrywide hospital those who need is medical gas, we are in about our screw type vavuum pump these are fragmentary inside the effect with be carried on so main feels very happy. ”