There are many representations of pressure units. Here is the main pressure unit for screw air compressor:
1 Working pressure, Chinese users often call exhaust pressure. Working pressure refers to the highest pressure of the air discharged from the air compressor;
2 Commonly used working pressure units are: bar or Mpa, 1 bar = 0.1 Mpa;
3 General, the user usually refers to the pressure unit : Kg (kg), in fact, kg is only the abbreviation of kgf/cm^2, which is roughly 1 bar = 1 Kgf/cm^2.
Spiral air compressor volume flow:
1 volume flow, Chinese users often call the displacement. The volumetric flow rate refers to the amount of gas discharged per unit time of the air compressor under the required exhaust pressure, which is converted into the intake state.
2 Volume flow unit: m3 / min (cubic / minute) or L / min (liter / minute), 1m3 (cubic) = 1000L (liter);
3 general, commonly used flow units It is: m3/min (cubic/min);
4 Volume flow is also known as displacement or nameplate flow in China.

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